Day 65: Dog Eat Dog

This was an impressively bad film. It happened to be a product of the same director who made Dying of the Light, staring who? Well, Nic Cage of course!! You might notice that I didn’t really enjoy Dying of the Light when I had to watch it on my first run of Cage films, and I can say that director Paul Schrader really hasn’t improved his craft even a little bit.

If you go to IMDB this movie it described  with this one liner:

A crew of ex-cons are hired by a Cleveland mafioso to kidnap the baby of a rival mobster.

Well, the whole baby-napping thing was really about 5 minutes of the movie, and the rest was just random mindless bullshit. There was literally no plot, and absolutely no point in making this movie. It just seemed like a pretentious dude’s exercise in taking weird off-putting shots of famous actors like Cage & Willem Dafoe swearing and getting fucked up a whole bunch. I can’t stand it when directors just try and be overly artsy for no reason at all, and that’s all that this movie attempted to be. It was just a really, really bad knock off of anything David Lynch. We’ve already seen Cage kick the living shit out of a Lynch classic in Wild at Heart, so step off Paul Schrader and leave the weird movies to the professionals!!

We did end up with one delightfully Cagey moment, and for that I am grateful:

Next up is Snowden!

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