Day 56: The Croods

IMG_2038 IMG_2043

I have actually seen this one before, and it really exceeds expectations as far as modern animated kids movies goes! It also has an all star cast, outside of Cagey boy we have Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Catherine Keener.

The Croods, just like the other super recent kids movie¬†Inside Out, is so full of adult feels it makes you question all of your life choices. It’s about a family of Cavemen who don’t ever leave the cave because they are so afraid of dying, but when an earthquake smashes their cave they are forced to adventure out into the world and use critical thinking to survive. Once they are on the outside they realized that when they were in the cave they weren’t actually living, they were just not dying. Whooooooooaaaa adult feels!! I almost cried at the end. ALMOST. I managed to keep it together though.

Let this be a lesson kids, get out of your cave and watch some more Nicolas Cage! This was a nice break from all of the terrible throw away movies I’ve been watching lately, especially on a night when I need to watch THREE CAGE MOVIES IN A ROW. Bring it on!!!

Next up is The Frozen Ground!

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