Day 68: Army of One

This is the 75th Nicolas Cage movie I have watched, and I can very confidently say that this is the role Cage was born to play!! Truly, this was one of his most outstanding performances yet, a Cage masterpiece.

Army of One is based on the true story of Gary Faulkner, the dude who went on reddit and claimed that God spoke to him and told him to go to Pakistan and kill Osama Bin Laden. Then he actually did make several trips there, with the intention of hang gliding into Bin Laden’s cave. Instead he just kind of walked around the streets with a Samurai sword until he was too sick and hallucinating to continue his mission (he was having kidney problems.)

Gary is a super weird and quirky guy, Cage might have overacted the role a bit, but it was Cage at his absolute best in my opinion! He crushed it! I’m just going to let the clips I took from the film speak for themselves. Seriously, watch this movie, it’s fucking insane and amazing.

This first clip is from the hallucination scene when Gary meets Osama and it’s just trippin’ balls:

There is a segment of this clip that is so good, I needed to hear it on repeat, so I made this little art piece for you to enjoy:

And lastly, there was an amazing meta Cage moment during the credits that I simply had to share with the world:

Next up is Arsenal!!



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