Day 67: USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

Well this one turned out to be a real sleeper hit! All I knew of this movie was the title, so I was bracing myself for a standard war movie with some low quality gore. Boy was I pleasantly surprised to find that this was actually a based on a true story shark movie!! Much respect to the Men of Courage, as being trapped in the ocean for 4 days surrounded by hundreds of man eating sharks sounds like THE MOST TERRIFYING THING EVER.

The CG quality of this film, which I will remind you was made in 2016, was equivalent to that of a terribly awesome B movie. Check out this hilarious shark attack:

Cage played the captain of the vessel, which was sunk by a Japanese submarine during WWII, hence leaving hundreds of men trapped in the ocean surrounded by sharks. Cage had several outstanding Cage moments, but this clip from the big rescue is my favorite moment of Cage being Cage:

The bit role of Cage’s military boss was played by this guy:

How many of you out there reading this blog thought “Richard from Sex and the City!” I did too. It’s ok, we’ve all watched the show, I can admit that now….

Next is Army of One!!

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