Day 64: The Trust

Hello again friends! It’s been two years since I main streamed 70 Nicolas Cage movies in sequential order. I figured I had a while until a new Cage movie came out, I mean, dude isn’t getting any younger. But oh boy was I wrong. When a friend in the gym asked me how many movies he’s made since I stopped I guessed maybe one or two. Imagine my surprise when I opened up IMDB to find that my main man Cage has made NINE FUCKING MOVIES. In two years!! Can’t stop won’t stop!!!

Obviously, I have some work to do. So here I am, back on the Cage train!! I have updated the viewing schedule if you would like to see the 9 titles to come. I know I was pulling 5 movies a week last time, but I did have a baby a year ago so I decided to be a little more realistic and scale things back a bit, so I will be doing 3 movies a week for 3 weeks.

Now that we’ve got the business side of things squared away, let’s move on to the task at hand: THE TRUST.

I would like to start this post with a video clip from The Trust before I say anything else at all:

Does it get more Nicolas Cage than that???

The Trust is about a couple of crooked cops in Vegas who are planning a heist to steal from a drug dealer’s safe. Elijah Wood is Cage’s co-star, and this pair of weirdos was very well matched for this film. This was an adequately weird movie. Not like Vampires Kiss weird, but it was maybe a 7 on the 1 to 10 Cage being weird scale.

Watching The Trust after two years off of Cage felt just great. I haven’t even heard of The Trust and had no idea what I was walking into. I was expecting this one to be total dog shit considering where I left things off at Dying of the Light, The Runner, and Pay the Ghost, but this was a shockingly fun watch! It actually kept my attention, and Nic was just Caging so hard in this movie. There was also a very small cameo from this dude whose name no one knows, but he showed up in all of those Kevin Smith movies back in the day:

I was really digging the Cage stash in this movie as well. We haven’t seen one this rock solid since World Trade Center in 2006!

The Trust is on Netflix if you want to give to a shot, I would recommend. The only downfall is that there were no Cage flip outs, which is what we all live for, obviously.

Thanks for reading everyone, it’s great to be back!! Stay tuned for Dog Eat Dog next!

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