Day 59: Outcast

IMG_2084 IMG_2098

It hasn’t gotten better. It got worse. Much worse. Much much much worse. I thought Drive Angry was the lowest of the low when it came to Cage films, but I was dead wrong. Outcast was so bad I wanted stab my eyes out. There was a point that I had to google what the plot of the movie was because I had so much trouble following it. Not that the movie wasn’t explaining itself well, just that I couldn’t pay attention to it for the life of me because it was so fucking bad.

It was a sort of medieval meets wannabe kung fu war movie? I don’t know, fuck, it was just so bad. At least Drive Angry was able to keep my eyes on the screen, I felt like I needed to go Clockwork Orange just to get through this garbage:


Cage played a warrior or mentor or something? He sounds more like Sean Connery than anything else:

I was hard pressed to find a silver ling to this fucking movie, this was all I got – a scene where the kid says that white devils don’t bathe:

Please. No more bad movies. I’m losing my mind.

Next up is Left Behind!


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