Day 57: Joe


This was probably Cage’s biggest role departure of all of his films so far! I’ve seen many versions of Cage, but this blue collar red neck Cage was played super real, I was actually quite impressed with them Cage skills! I mean look at this guy, he clearly put on a little weight and grew a big ass beard, then just wore blue jeans and flannel, and BAM! You’ve got yerself a red neck Cage!

IMG_2056 IMG_2058

The movie itself was…. not great. It was super depresssing, about a bunch of broke people in small town America. It got the whole gambit of hookers, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

You know what else was totally crazy about this movie? Two of the executive producers were Danny Mc Bride and Jody Hill, as in the masterminds behind Eastbound and Down. This movie was like if you took the characters in Eastbound and Down and made it really depressing instead of funny.

The silver lining? THIS:

Cage teaching a teenage boy what hookers like…. Classic!!

Next up is Rage!

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