Day 56: Stolen

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Well shit. My version of Stolen that I brought on a thumb drive to watch on the flight was corrupt, and I can’t skip to the next one since they MUST be watched in order, so I couldn’t watch any Cage on the flight home! I landed at 9:45pm, and then the next night was New Year’s Eve and I had to work, so happy fucking 2016, I have to watch THREE Nicolas Cage movies tonight in order to stay on schedule!! This will be a true test of my Cage love.

Stolen was a total basic bitch. Cage plays a really kick ass bank robber in New Orleans, a heist goes wrong, and Cage gets put away for 10 years without any money to show for it. When he gets out of prison an angry ex-colleague who was on the heist with him decides to kidnap Cage’s daughter and hold her for ransom. Cage get’s her back. The end. Nothing special here at all. Not even an epic flip out! Not even a silver lining!

This movie felt just like watching Trespass or Seeking Justice, they honestly could have been the same movie and I wouldn’t even know it. Either these are just super basic movies, or all of the Cage is now starting to blend together and I can’t tell up from down anymore.

Moving the fuck on, to The Croods!

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