Day 41: World Trade Center

IMG_1560 IMG_1563

Honestly, I was really expecting to hate this movie. I thought it would be slow and boring and super Hollywooded out.

Nope! I cried like a bitch!

It was super duper intense, and I felt so claustrophobic, as the whole movie is about Nic Cage being buried alive in rubble.

Cage pulled off the New York cop act in a major way. I even forgot that I was watching a Cage movie for a while there! And check him out pulling off this stellar cop stache:


If you’re in the mood for a depressing reminder one of the country’s worst tragedies, then by al means World Trade Center it up. I probably never would have watched this one if I wasn’t forcing myself through this ridiculous test of my Cage endurance, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I’ve seen worse. Much much worse. I’m watching Ghost Rider tonight, for example. Wish me luck.

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