What is this site?

This blog will follow our journey as we attempt to watch all 70 Nicholas Cage films in chronological order in 14 weeks.

Why are you doing this?!?

After a painfully long and grueling week of being an adult, I sat down in front of the TV and decided to put on a trashy movie that would really tap into my pleasure centers. After a quick browse I found myself watching National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. It really did the trick, my long day melted away. The next night when I got home from being punished by adulthood I sat down in front of the TV and decided to do the same thing again, and randomly selected a brutally awful film called Next, also starring Nicholas Cage. Again, it really took my mind off of things. It was then that I realized my mission: I will watch ALL of Nicholas Cage’s films in chronological order, starting with his breakout film Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Upon further research I came to find that he has starred in 70 films to this date.  Time to roll up my sleeves and go to work.

How are you going to pull this off?!

My execution plan is two-fold: 1) Get another person on board (my sister Alexa) to share in the joy and pain that is Nicholas Cage’s film career, and 2) Commit to five films per week: this way I can be sure to get it done and make contingencies for things like adult life getting in the way of my mission.

We will start watching the films in order the first week of October 2015. By our calculations, if we stay the course we will finish The Works of Cage (TWC) by January 9th, 2016.

Between now (9/14/15) and my start date (10/4/2015) I will take my time to get my hands on all of the movies and mentally prepare for TWC to enter my blood stream in one solid blow. Will we lose our minds? Will it break our sprit? Is Ghost Rider 2 going to suck so much that we quit? All of these questions will be answered here, as we enter 70 DAYS OF CAGE.


I successfully watched all 70 films in 14 weeks, ending in January of 2016. Well now it is November of 2017, and I discovered that I have fallen 9 films behind. This means that Nic Cage has made 79 films now. I’m back on the Cage wagon and plugging through them. I hope you follow along!

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  1. Off and running go cage fighter go !

  2. So proud to see such maturity and drive. Brings tears to my eyes.

  3. You are my hero.